Another busy week, one dominated by social excursions.

Productivity overview

Finished one I Will Teach course. Taking the other two off of the stove (as opposed to even the back-burner) so that my plate isn’t any more full.

Kept to my aspiration of two pomodoros of novel edits a day. Slow-going at this juncture, though. I may seek out beta readers, who can help me pinpoint where my efforts can have the biggest impact.

At work

One phone screen and one in-person screen that each lead to next steps. Looking forward to continuing with those. One in-person interview that also seemed to go well. Waiting to hear back about another screen. I’ve created a spreadsheet by which to keep on top of all these potential jobs.

Personal productivity

Been gaming a lot. I would do well to find a less absorbing, less compulsive diversion for my pomodoro breaks. That said, this week’s extensive social activities have drained my willpower an inordinate degree, so the environment does play into this.

Managed to knock out some long-deferred phone calls, too. Also tiring.


Undergoing a temporary change in roommate arrangements, which is always interesting. Made it out to a gaming event with a couple new people and one new roommate, which went well. Attending an out-of-town birthday party today. I expect that to pretty much wipe me out for the night.

Thoughts for next week

More interviews, more novel edits, and some freelance work to knock out, along with some extra socializing. Phew!

Questions for you

Have you tried tracking your energy levels on days with and without socializing? How do they vary?

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