Plenty of unremarkable but steady progress this week.

Productivity overview

I seemed to need more time to recuperate from the convention than expected. It took more time to get out from under my email backlog than I had hoped, too, but I have aggressive unsubscribing and deferment on the agenda. Overall, steady progress on multiple fronts.

At work

I had one meeting with a recruiter and an in-office technical interview with one of my top picks. Here’s hoping the latter, in particular, turns into more progress on the job-hunt front! Waiting to hear back on a few other prospects, as well.

Anticipating a deposit from my first freelance client soon. Looking forward to starting on that work! Fifteen more such jobs and I’d have rent covered. Seriously. That sounds like a lot of jobs, but the payments add up.

Personal productivity

Kept to my aspiration of two pomodoros per day on the novel edits. Knocked out some global changes, then switched to low-level edits. Making a point of applying the advice from my editors as I go along, with the intention of leaving only the simplest fixes for the proofreaders here on the second quarter of the book.

Put in rather less IWT coursework than intended, having spent a good chunk of that time recovering from the convention. I put in a pomodoro every single day, nonetheless, and switched gears from prioritizing Earn1K to doing nothing but Finisher’s Formula. That 25 minutes each day accumulates, though.


Still playing more Fire Emblem: Awakening than intended. Enjoying it more after looking up ways to grind in the game, at least. I also started reading The Alienist, a 19th century novella.

Thoughts for next week

I may have seriously overscheduled myself socially next week. That said, I could use more one-on-one time with people and some time away from work in which I can re-develop my sense of perspective. I will adjust my productivity aspirations accordingly.

Questions for you

When did you last leave a whole hour or even a whole day or two free on your schedule? What happens when you try that?

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