I kept much busier at last weekend’s convention than expected, so this report’s going out a bit late.

Productivity overview

Kept to my aspiration of at least one pomodoro of IWT coursework and two pomodoros of Kickstarter fulfillment every day.

My biggest job hunt challenge still consists of wrangling all my meeting times and deciding on which jobs to pursue. Problem to have. Confirmed a second-stage in-person interview this week for one of my top picks!

The gaming convention took up most of Thursday and all of Friday through Sunday. Fun! I will want to make a point of giving myself a bit more downtime next convention, though, so that I can both recovery more quickly afterward and not fall quite so far behind on mail, which I barely touched over the weekend.


Started playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. Finding it interesting, though I would prefer something more tactical and less strategic. Started and finished The Better Mousetrap. It got off to a clunky start and the romantic part was a bit cliche, but I found it fairly enjoyable by the end.

Thoughts for next week

Keeping an open mind on this one. Fairly packed event schedule and playing catch-up after taking a couple days to recover from the convention.

Questions for you

When did you last attend an industry event? What’s the next one you can attend?

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