Fairly same-ish compared to last week. The highlights:

  • Still downshifted to two pomodoros of high-level novel edits every day. Reached the 58% progress point today.
  • Preparing for a second round with Google! Other interviews also continue.
  • Dropping the proactive freelance search for now.
  • Gaming more than expected.

Productivity overview

Staying on track with novel edits. I received the edits from my proofreaders today, so I will switch to low-level edits starting tomorrow and keep at that until I have another 25% of novel ready for them. I will want to study the higher-level suggestions they made first, though, in order to search out ticks and problematic habits going forward.

My big takeaway in terms of managing my gaming: keep the game out of sight and you will have a much easier time avoiding the temptation!

At work

Ramping down the proactive freelance job search. I will still ask about it, but a mastermind meet-up experience reminded me that I do not yet have the runway or other prep ready to embark on such a career. That said, I can still do casual searches and build up both my portfolio and network in the meantime.

Interviews continue at a brisk pace. Had one rejection as of late, but still in the running for several. I would be surprised if I had trouble finding a full-time gig in the next several weeks.

Finally got around to registering as a business here in New York, with a DBA and everything

Put in a few pomodoros of tax effort. I will see my CPA in person this coming weekend, which may speed things up.

Reminder: keep your list of job references up to date on a proactive basis. Finding myself cutting it close on getting new or renewed permission.

Personal productivity

On track for 60 (sixty!) pomodoros this week, not even counting Sunday.

Making good progress on the I Will Teach courses, having put in at least two pomodoros every day since I started.

Put in my first pomodoro of proactive tax prep today, cataloging receipts from the start of this year in anticipation of quarterly taxes and next year’s taxes. The resulting reduction in stress at tax time will more than compensate for this small time investment.

Hit inbox zero. Wonderfully surprised at how well the deferment of most of my mail to Saturday worked out, as the time required of it today still proved manageable. The mail-sending took “only” three pomodoros, but I also had a backlog.

Push-ups every day! Up to 23 today, compared to 13 at the start of this new habit. Exercised three times in the morning this week, too.


Played a lot of the Bravely/Default demo. Reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics and in good ways. I will want to make that a “only at home during break time” diversion, though, since it can be such a time sink.

Thoughts for next week

More novel edits, interviews, IWT course work, and then the Dreamation convention on the weekend. Oh my goodness, I’ll want to set out calendar time in which to prep for that event. Note to self: plan for staying up late and for actually socializing at the bars and such.

Questions for you

What industry event do you plan to attend next?

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