Productivity overview

My adjustment to working entirely on my own schedule continues, but with steady progress. I may yet avoid going back to full-time work.

At work

Had one technical interview that seemed to go well. They wanted me back this coming week but had to reschedule, so I may yet have another interview there.

Had a phone interview at a startup, which turned into another in-person technical interview. That also seemed to go quite well! I am told this could turn into anything from freelance and contracting (my preference) to full-time (also acceptable).

Replied to several recruiters, the most I’ve had interested in me at once in a while. Crossing metaphorical fingers, especially in regards to one company.

Haven’t heard back from my primary freelance project yet, but this instance doesn’t surprise me. Like with dating, you keep looking until you find a good match!

Devoted my remaining time to preparing for interviews, which consisted almost entirely of studying and practicing my sort algorithms and data structures. Still under-shot my time-investment goal for this, which warrants a retrospective.

Personal productivity

Still hitting the mark on novel edits: two pomodoros a day and now over 50% of the way through the high-level edits.

Daily push-ups continue without interruption. At 21 a day, up from 13 just a couple weeks ago!

Poor performance on the slow carb diet aspiration. I continue to fall back to the food provided by my coffee shop “office”.

Hit my exercise goals. Dropped the ball one night on meditation.

Put in far less tax-prep time than expected. Planning to pick up a feed scanner for my printed receipts if I don’t maximize my deductions on digital receipts first.

Spent a few more hours processing mail than expected, but I have also started filtering it more aggressively. Looking forward to reducing my incoming mail even further.

Actually undershot my gaming threshold, if you can believe that! And this from someone not presently employed! Habits before people in action. That said, I did read for entertainment enough to compensate for that (a “whole” 1.5 hours).

Started on a few courses by Ramit Sethi. I had a legitimate issue with too little time before, but not now! Depending on potential work developments, that may take over my freelance- and interview-prep time-slots going forward. In other word, Earn $1K would turn into my part-time job.

Allowed myself a lot more time for breaks and buffer than I have in ages. Felt good to find myself done-done some nights.


Had one date that just okay. Didn’t feel a connection, so I won’t be following up.

Attended the second local Live Your Legend mixer. Worth it! Met a lot of interesting, driven people and - even better - I followed up with them after the event. Looking forward to getting to know them better.

Thoughts for next week

  • At least one more interview, possibly more.
  • Two pomodoros of novel edits, without exception.
  • Continuing goal of reducing time devoted to email, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Giving over the rest of my work-time over to the Ramit courses.
  • Possible dates? Nothing on the radar just yet, but prospects loom.

Questions for you

Have you started a side business? What’s stopping you? Specific obstructions. What would have to happen to overcome each obstruction?

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