Productivity overview

A rather productive week! Also a bit tiring, but in a “I got a lot done” way. I could see myself engineering more weeks like this going forward.

Scheduled a job interview for next week! A smaller-looking local web company. We will see what happens here.

Had a preliminary recruiter prep interview for a big Internet company! Pretty much mortified at the thought of how under-prepared I feel for the next step, which may happen next week, so I have slated a lot of study between now and then. At least it covers topics I have wanted to study for - wow - literally half my lifetime. I do feel like I have rushing into this one, to the expense of giving freelance more of a chance, so I do reserve the option to hit the “Abort” button on this myself.

Looking at one potential freelance job already! I will do some research, give them a quote, and see what happens from there.

Personal productivity

25 pomodoros of novel edits. Another 11% of the way through the draft. Nice! I had aimed for 4 pomodoros every day and only missed it in a couple cases. Still a bit tiring, but I could see myself developing the endurance to put in this much editing with ease.

Put in a heck of a lot of mail processing. I would do well to develop a more complete system for reducing the total time required and on focusing the time I do use.

Managed to put in push-ups every day this week! Up to 17 in the morning. Hit my exercise goals, as well. Just one night shy on my meditation goals.

Gamed for upwards of 10 hours total this week. That sounds like a lot to me, but that does include gaming during pomodoro breaks.


Had one personal social event that went long and didn’t go as hoped. Had a couple potential dating relationships fall through, too. Pleasantly surprised at how much momentum I sustained over the rest of the week despite that.

Attended a meet-up of local techies that went quite well! Good company, learned things, and even ended the night joining a couple for an improv show. Yay, making new friends as an adult!

Thoughts for next week

  • Setting time aside to study for the big interview.
  • Still have the other interview at the start of the week.
  • Shooting for just 2 pomodoros of novel edits every day.
  • Filling the rest of my time with the potential freelance work.
  • Setting big chunks of “Buffer/rest” time on my calendar, something that I have neglected for far too long.

Questions for you

You can make friends as an adult. It’s harder, but rewarding!

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