Productivity overview

This turned into an interesting week in short order.

Got let go from my full-time job on Tuesday. Given my past frustrations, it doesn’t come as an absolute surprise. I’m taking it as inspiration to finally start freelancing, at least. :)

In the meantime, I’ve replaced that work with increased novel edits, much more mail processing, and social events.

Overall, hope rides high!

At work

No office work for most of this week.

Instead, I’ve set up regular “office hours” at the coffee shops nearest my apartment. I’m even logging my hours, as I had with my full-time job. Finding the environment very productive, except for how food complicates things. I will look into coworking spaces soon, in case those (and brown bag lunches) prove more affordable.

Personal productivity

Rocking it on the novel edits. Put in 4 pomodoros for 3 days in a row.

Saw Inbox Zero for the first time in too long. That includes a lot of deferred outgoing mail, too, not to mention quite a few inquiries into freelance web development work.

Gaming more than expected, but The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds proves exceptionally addictive. Almost finished with it.


Kept to my exercise goals. I also set a new goal of push-ups each morning and met that. Started at 13 and made it to 14 this morning.

Getting closer to my slow carb aspirations. Getting away from all that complimentary food at work has helped. I’m already several pounds lighter since getting let go.

Made a lot of social outings, including a date at the Brooklyn Museum of Natural History that went quite well. I would go back there for another date as soon as today. Seriously.

Thoughts for next week

  • Lots of editing! Aiming for 4 pomodoros of edits every day.
  • More social events. I expect to over-exhaust myself again, but my schedule includes some significant opportunities.
  • Taxes. Plenty of time to do these now!
  • Freelance work search. Just some initial forays into this. Depending on how my runway looks, I may re-focus on developing my portfolio after that.

Questions for you

A reminder that jobs come with zero guarantees. Start on those alternate income streams now.

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