Productivity overview

I knocked out one big win this week, accomplished or almost accomplished some other expected wins, and survived a long week at work. Not bad, overall, though I could see room for improvement.

At work

Kind of stressful at work. At least two of my teammates agree, so it’s not just my perception. There’s still lots of grumbling about speed of engineering versus quality and I’m a vocal voice in that conversation. We’ll see what develops from that, but I do find it tiring and distracting in the meantime.

Only a smidgen of overtime, to my relief. I find myself unsure of how much to expect next week. Barring any surprises, we can expect to have everyone at the office.

Kickstarter fulfillment

Fairly solid. Went above and beyond my editing goals, applying proofreading to 27% of the total draft as of today. Sent the first 25% to the professional proofreaders on Saturday, as promised.

The process went fast, with the text-to-speech tools helping to speed it along, and I even found myself wanting to keep at it. To think that I fretted about handling the editing work before I started!

Starting on Monday, I go back to the high-level edits. At the current pace for that, I would have 4.5 months of edits left. Good thing that rate of work stems from such a low daily average of editing time, as that gives me room to pick up the pace.

Personal productivity

Knocked out my workout goals. Put in one particularly exhausting treadmill session. I forget how good that feels afterward!

Missed a day of meditation. That seemed to stem from undergoing more social and work exhaustion than I realized at the time. I’ve made a note to give myself a larger margin for nothing but recuperation next time I undergo that.

Took steps towards getting a new accountability partner. With my masterminds having faded to the background, I want to find replacement options.

Still sleeping in more than I like but I think I’m seeing slow improvements.

Nowhere close to a slow-carb diet again this week. I plan to pick up more groceries today that will help address that.

Media participation

Started and finished Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, including its DLC case. Enjoyed it quite a bit. I did seem to recall a few spots where the writing could have made the correct choice less trouble to find, but look forward to playing the next one.

Started playing Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds at the end of the week. So much pleasing nostalgia.

Finished Leviathan Wakes on audio book this week. Enjoyable, though I had hoped for less predictable endings to the romantic relationships and to the story overall.

I’ve gamed a lot more than expected this week, though my other media participation (e.g. reading news) dropped in kind. I may want to manage such activities in a more deliberate fashion.

Thoughts for next week

Simple goals:

  • Edit more.
  • Get by on work.
  • Enjoy a date this weekend, possibly another this week.
  • Squeeze in some more annual review time if my schedule permits.

Questions for you

Do you track your gaming, reading, work, productive work, sleep, and other time? If not, what can you do to change that?

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