Productivity overview

Oops, out a day late! A good summary of the week. Got a lot done, but in spite of many diversions.

The big takeaway: allow myself more guilt-free time to recuperate from social events and schedule less of them in a given week.

At work

We drew closer to a full contingent at the office this week. I’m still struggling with the disconnect between my refactoring aspirations and the focus on feature-first elsewhere in the team, and I think that disparity caused me more stress (draining my mental reserves) more than I realized. I also had tasks requiring more learning and brain-stretching than on average, which seemed to more than make up for the bit of time in which I got off early. Giving myself more guilt-free recuperation time after work may pay off sooner rather than later.

This week looks like more of the same.

Personal productivity

Got in just over two pomodoros a day of novel edits. I had wanted to get in more. At least I made good progress and started switching gears to some low-level edits before sending it off to professional proofreaders.

I also tweaked vim so that I can, with a single key-press, pipe the paragraph under my cursor to espeak, the text-to-speech program. This makes the proofreading much easier.

My plans to finish up the annual planning and to better outfit my apartment got pushed off the end of the calendar week. My usual Sunday weekly planning session got pushed off, as well.


Between two large social gatherings, a long one-on-one, and a date (which went well), I overextended myself. When I sleep in for three hours on the weekend and find my willpower absent as often as I did this week, I know that something gave. I will make a point of reducing my social commitments going forward in order to avoid burnout like that again.

That gives me an app idea: The Introvert Timer, designed to help you gauge your social limits, warn you when you approach them, and give you an out when you do.


Put in several more hours than expected. I want to chalk this up to the busy workplace, heavy socializing, and possibly diet all working against my willpower reserves.

Thoughts for next week

Going to take it easier this week. I already have a few social events on the calendar, at least one I which I may want to bump back or pass on right away. I already dropped one otherwise regular event this time around.

Questions for you

Do you know your socializing or quiet-time limits? Have you measured them?

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