Productivity overview

A rather good week! Remembered to take a break from social events after a busy week, made excellent progress on the novel, and clocked some serious and insightful hours on my annual review process, not to mention some kudos as work. Also, snow!

At work

We had a half-day on New Year’s Eve and the day off on New Year’s Day, along with a slow day on Friday due to the weather. I still got in some more refactoring work. Even better, I was told that higher-ups rather appreciated how I “took ownership” of the problem addressed by my refactoring efforts. Glad to hear.

That said, the team lead would have appreciated more involvement in that process or at least notification (he was out for vacation the entire time). It will take some time and effort to integrate all the changes, especially with day-to-day work back on our collective radar. I plan to drop proactive refactoring efforts for now, only fixing what QA finds, and focus on how better to pitch such “non-direct customer value” work.

Personal productivity

Put my editing quota in every single day. Passed the 25% mark on the draft. I would like to average more than 2.1-2.2 or so pomodoros a day, but I don’t know if I can manage it just yet, given how that third pomodoro tends to feel like a drag. Experimenting with averaging 17 pomodoros a week, though.

On track for my exercise and meditation goals. I had aspirations of eating something closer to a slow-carb diet, but neglected to prepare enough for that. This time, I cooked more lentils before writing this post.

Put in some significant maintenance work. Clearing out all that hard disk space will save me time and frustration (by preventing crashes and freezes), while the re-arrangement of my room increases my focus, reduces stress, and will save me time, particularly in the morning. Looking forward to acquiring additional furnishing down the road.

Getting better about waking up in the morning. My earplug habit continues to pay off.

Annual review

I clocked more time on my annual review than expected and still have time to go. Starting with Scott Dinsmores’s spreadsheet, I transcribed most of the results to Trello before running out of time. Even then, it looks unwieldy and less conducive to the foibles of the human mind, so I may end up prototyping something better soon. High time I practiced some mobile app development anyway, as I included “learn a new programming language” on my agenda for the year.

Media participation

Played a lot of the new Phoenix Wright game on Nintendo 3DS. Enjoying it, though I wish that it featured more of Phoenix Wright himself. Started playing Blackbar but got stuck on it.

Picked up a new laptop, a high-end one to supplement this low-end thin-book in front of me now, and spent some time getting it up to speed. I found my Windows 8 experience a lot less painful than expected (and I say this as a long-time Mac OS and Linux user). I haven’t actually gamed on it yet, given other priorities.

Also, I pledged not to acquire any more new media until, in each case, I sate myself on at least two already-possessed items first. For example: I put two new eBooks, however low-priced, on my wish list today, and no more than one will come off of the list until I have finished (for example) Phoenix Wright and Self-Editing.

Thoughts for next week

I put a lot more down on my social calendar than I realized. At the same time, I have plenty of editing on my agenda. This may warrant more working from home, sans commute, or doing more to work over my lunch breaks. At the same time, a low but extant prospect of overtime looms here in my employer’s busy season. Something will give, though I remind myself that skipping downtime will just guarantee crashes later!

Questions for you

Did you complete your annual review? If so, what surprised you? If nothing surprised you, then how are you stretching yourself this new year?

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