Productivity overview

Overall, a pretty good week. Keeping this particular post very short only because I managed to lose the original draft.

At work

Took two days off. Had three very quiet days otherwise, which I used to great effect. Looking forward to pushing for more test-driven development (TDD) and for the Agile principles (but as a whole) going forward.

Met with a lead software engineer from another local Internet company. Educational and productive discussion.

Personal productivity

Made the weekly novel editing quota, despite missing a day (Christmas day). Seeing great results from that. Reached the 23% mark on the draft.

Read and gamed quite a bit. Enjoyed Device 6 and 868-HACK, both for iOS.

Made a big dent in my outstanding inbox.


Went overboard on the social activities, wearing myself out a bit. Good times, though.

Thoughts for next week

Cutting back on the social activities this week, even if I already have some scheduled.

Still focusing on the daily novel edits.

Devoting time to cleaning up, literally and digitally. That will help me focus.

Also focusing on an annual review.

Questions for you

When did you last perform an annual review? What about a quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly review?

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