Productivity overview

Happy with this week, overall. The stand-out issue: social events took up not just more time than expected, but also more of my energy and willpower. Something to factor into future calculations.

At work

Uneventful at work, at least on the surface. Slow-going overall as people wind down their work in anticipation of the holiday season.

Finally had some long-lasting work of mine wrapped up. That took a lot longer than expected, in no small part, because we had rushed into the work and because this old code-base lacks the engineering for such speed. That turned into more duct-taping by the end of the week, to my disappointment. I would have preferred spending a bit more time retooling the code and approach in a way to future-proof against similar delays.

Remember: “Agile” does not mean “go faster.” It translates into building a sleeker, more aerodynamic vehicle with a better-trained team behind the wheel. You get out the gate slower but get much faster results in the end.

Personal productivity

Hit my hour-a-day aspiration of daily edits to the novel. Re-writing some scenes with much more emotional resonance than before and proud of that. I had hoped to put in a few extra pomodoros of edits over the weekend, but underestimated my social calendar and the corresponding exhaustion. At the 17% point on the draft itself.

Put in plenty of mail processing this week, making a big dent in my backlog.


Two holiday parties and a date that lasted twice as long as expected. No complaints, especially since the latter went quite well. I remind myself to leave more room in my schedule for overflow and the inevitable exhaustion.

Thoughts for next week

I took a couple days off from work, the rest of which I expect to go quite slow in the absence of most of my coworkers over the holidays. I managed to fit more social activities in those days off than I realized, though, so I anticipate using that quiet time to just recuperate.

More novel edits and mail processing on the agenda.

Keeping my aspirations on check so that I will have time for actual breaks over the holiday.

Questions for you

What are you getting yourself for the holidays? What are you getting me? :)

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