Productivity overview

A pretty good week. Got plenty done and still found time to expand my social circles a bit.

At work

My decision to anticipate overtime in my scheduling proved wise. We had a fair amount of that. Expecting more of the same this coming week, though I hold out hope of it tapering off next month.

Still not as focused while at my desk as I would like. Some improvements in my diet (as opposed to overindulging on the snack foods provided) might improve things. Some more walk breaks or lunch hour gym trips could also help.

Personal productivity

Knocked out an hour of editing every day! Today (Sunday) may be the first day that I break the chain, having used the scheduled daily hour for mailing list setup instead. I might yet squeeze editing in. Making good speed on the editing process.

Diet-wise, I’ve slacked off for a while. The time and energy demands of work, combined with a lack of prep on my part, made it all too easy to snack often and on sugars and carbs. Made some strides to get back on that this week, with more improvements to follow. We will see what that does to my focus and energy levels going forward.


I planned my schedule with large chunks of anticipated socializing this week. Even with all of the extra “buffer” allocated, I still cut it close. The events themselves went well or quite well, though, and the expansion of my social circle makes me glad.

Thoughts for next week

Similar plan this week. I have less socializing on the agenda, which I will replace with message processing and Kickstarter fulfillment work, but also some vacation time.

Making a point of using some of that vacation time for actual breaks, with pleasure-reading and -watching anticipated.

Questions for you

How well do you track your time-usage? Do you know which three websites get the majority of your time each day?

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