Apologies for missing the update last week. A perfect example of how “I’ll do it tomorrow” turns into “I’ll do it next week” in the blink of an eye.


The Kickstarter campaign succeeded! 920 USD with 38 backers. Thank you, everyone!

That said, the campaign succeeded. The Kickstarter project as a whole continues at a steady pace. For now, I focus on high-level edits to the draft of the novel itself.

Productivity overview

This week before last, I met my baseline Kickstarter promotion goals, putting in two pomodoros each day.

This last week, I knocked out my baseline Kickstarter fulfillment goals, putting in two pomodoros of research into editing or actual editing each day.

I had fretted over getting back into editing the novel draft. I soon found that nothing but other demands on my time kept me from editing more each day, though. Glad to find that I fell right back into the groove. Prior research and these months of daily Kickstarter contributions continue to pay off!

Meeting these goals did require more than one late night or deferment of other activities, like mail processing. On the other hand, I remind myself that each pomodoro can bring me closer to setting my own schedule.

At work

Lots of overtime these last couple of weeks, with at least another week or two (or more?) of that expected.

I underestimated how much overtime I would experience up until this coming week. I added “buffers” to my productivity expectations this time around.

The time at work seems to oscillate between very focused effort or lots of waiting for feedback from others, each tiring in its own way. Not surprised that I dithered more in the evenings than usual.

Personal productivity

Met my exercise goals both this last week and the week before last, if by hairs’-breadths. Already off to a better start this week, having hit the gym over one lunch break.

Hit my meditation goal the week before last, but missed it last week. Fallout from events going long.

Nominal activity on the mastermind front. An activity to reinvigorate in some form or another, lest I fall off the bandwagon.

Very far behind on my mail processing goals. Frustrating. Answered that with an explicit pomodoro total goal on my agenda this week.

Social events

I had several social events on my calendar these last two weeks, including a couple surprises.

In every case, the events went longer or much longer than expected (or even scheduled). This seems like a common theme to me, so I will want to start “over-scheduling” for such things. All the better to help me enjoy the moment, too. Also made a few new friends along the way.

Thoughts for next week

More buffer in my schedule so that I avoid burnout.

Tone the social events down a bit amid so much overtime, even if I already have a couple things scheduled.

Keep at the editing. I plan to send an update out to backers on the Kickstarter-specific progress at the end of the week.

Questions for you

How much overtime do you have in your life, not just from your job, but through helping your family or self-assigned tasks? Sometimes the most efficient solution to a task is to drop it from your itinerary entirely.

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