Productivity overview

A fairly productive if rather socially exhausting week. A strong reminder that I’m a time-over-conscious introvert!

At work

Still fairly busy here. We’re getting a bit more slack now that we deliver in smaller, more consistent increments. Uncertainty about my departure time remains irregular (including a spontaneous social event on Friday), and lunches rarely happen. I will want to make a stronger point of reducing my daily personal productivity expectations accordingly.

Reminder to myself: I might only have a half-week of work this week, but I will want to treat that non-work time as actual vacation time, Kickstarter or not! In fact, with the end of the Kickstarter looming, I will want to make an even bigger point of leaving myself a margin of error and a buffer that can absorb all the inevitable anxiety.

Personal productivity

Knocked out my quota of Kickstarter prep!

On track for my exercise goals!

Only missed one day of meditation.

Making big dents in mail, and a couple large pushes might just see me close to inbox zero.

My gaming breaks have lessened, it seems like, with the winding-down of my interest in my current game. Reminding myself that I have more than enough backlog of games to play, books to read, etc. before I go buying any of the new and terribly tempting games that just came out. Besides, a bit of patience gives others a chance to ferret out the choice picks for me.


Spent several hours at my first meet-up with a local fandom group. We had a karaoke event, so I sang a lot but didn’t really socialize at all, arriving late and only after the music had started. Looking forward to a more low-key event later, though, and I can always suggest my own.

Had a nice, casual date! Went well. We’ll see what comes of that.


  • New videos and blog posts online.
  • Devoted a couple hours to just reading relevant books. I did so more for the sake of taking a step away from hands-on work, and to garner a bit of perspective, than anything else.
  • I don’t have any plan for next week yet, but I will spend today’s work quota on preparing just that.

Questions for you

When did you last evaluate your day-to-day work on the “50,000-foot” level? Even on the “20,000-foot” level? Are there activities that you can drop entirely but to no real loss?

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