Productivity overview

This post will be a bit short, as it’s been less than a week since the last one. Still, a productive last few days!

At work

Staying busy here. The “frantic” feel seems to have faded a bit, as we’ve had plenty of progress to show off. Next week doesn’t seem especially crowded, either. Whether having a new, fellow front-developer will reduce or increase my workload (e.g. handing them work vs. getting them up to speed) remains to be seen. I anticipate having more time for mail processing during the day and perhaps even gym visits over lunch hours.

Personal productivity

Made a big dent in my RSS backlog. Also made a good dent in my mail backlog, though I have yet to leave myself enough time to empty that out.

Over the weekend, had a nice little coffee date. We’ll see what happens next. I also met up with some local members of an online self-development group. Found that productive and I look forward to following up with each of them via email today.


We got another, very large backer just a couple hours before I wrote this! Whoo.

In the meantime, I finished recording the tutorial videos for Gingko and started editing them. I also posted a new project update.

Attending a local NaNoWriMo write-in tonight. While I won’t be writing myself, I will make myself available for assistance and will bring up the Kickstarter if people ask.

Wrapping up the research participation with a follow-up call tonight.

Thoughts for next week

I have an over-packed schedule. It’s that simple. Karaoke with one group with indirect relevance to the Kickstarter, more dates, and other outings. I may want to take a half-day at work some time this week to avoid overexertion.

Questions for you

When did you last take a day off to have only to yourself, with no productivity goals or really anything to keep you busy? What steps would you have to take to have such a day?

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