Productivity overview

First, apologies for such a gap between updates! Work continues to keep me busy, even before factoring in the time put into the Kickstarter itself. I continue working on projects like the Planet Oz Kickstarter in order to earn more balance between such things. Wish me luck!


The Kickstarter launched! Backers started pledging on the very first day, October 31, and have kept coming in at a nice pace.

I’ve kept to a steady diet of an hour or more of focused promotion effort every day since then, even when at the convention. This habit will continue through the end of the month. Backers of the Kickstarter can look forward to reading more process details first.

At work

The pressure to keep busy continues. On top of that, I’ve had a few days that actually required some serious effort, leaving me more than a little tired by the time I left the office.

This office environment continues to cut directly into the time and energy I have for myself each day (never mind the indirect stress). I make a point of reducing my expectations in kind, but my overestimations continue.

Personal productivity

Rather behind on mail. It’s not a matter of efficiency, either, but hours invested and nothing else. My personal records confirm this, given the number of missed mail processing pomodoros. Not sure about what to do here, other than take steps to improve my focus at work so that I can squeeze in some at-desk time.


I attended Metatopia at the start of the month. Four days of fun for game developers and other creatives like myself. I look forward to going back next year.

That said, I repeated a familiar mistake of underestimating how much time and energy the convention experience would require of me, so I came away worn out. I will make a point of avoiding overlapping events going forward.

Gradually getting into the meditation habit. I’ve managed 10 minutes a day more often than not.

Sticking to my exercise goals. That looming bet-switch mechanic continues to pay off.

Some small noise on the mastermind front, but otherwise largely quiet.

Spent most of this last Sunday shopping for clothes, preparing for my first New York winter. Cut it close, too, as I still haven’t quite adjusted to the cold!

Thoughts for next week

Sticking with the daily Kickstarter promotion effort, though I could do more to analyze the value-per-hour of my specific contributions.

Looking at a packed weekend and next week. Because I’m crazy, I have coffee meet-ups on my schedule. Here’s to fun dates, regardless!

Questions for you

When did you last perform a 20/80 analysis on what you do every day, every week, every month? Let me know what surprises you find!

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