Productivity overview

A very productive week! I put in perhaps the most hours of any week into the Kickstarter and got quite a bit done. Hard to believe we’re almost at the launch date.

At work

Had a rather less stressful week at work, compared to last week. The CEO is at least content with our recent progress, while I made plenty of documented effort. Managed to remember to ask for time off in a timely fashion, for a change. We also had a big office party, one where I quite enjoyed myself. Here’s to “demolishing the dance floor,” to quote a coworker.

Personal productivity

Phew! Let’s go over the highlights:

  • On track for exercise. Seems like my form was off as of late, so I have more room to improve than expected. Nonetheless, seeing progress.
  • Low success with sticking to the diet. The blame for this lies, by large, with a lack of prep.
  • On track to get in all but one meditation session this week. The sooner I start performing these in the morning, the better.
  • Couldn’t join the one mastermind that I had on my calendar due to a lack of planning on my part. I could stand to step back and refactor my mastermind commitments.
  • Made serious dents in my email backlog, even if I still have a ways to go. Looking at my productivity logs, I can assert that a simple lack of time commitment accounts for a lot of this.


  • Submitted the project for staff review. Acted on the feedback and sent it back out.
  • Updated the rewards based on feedback.
  • Drafted, edits, and uploaded the first project video!
  • Ongoing coordination of the art. Learning a lot about time-tables.
  • Processed a lot of Kickstarter-specific mail. My only regret is that I don’t have more time in which to keep up!

Thoughts for next week.

Looking at a Thursday launch for the Kickstarter.

NaNoWriMo starts the day after that. I’ll be at convention that same weekend. Oh crap. I will want to take a serious look at where I can further outsource my day in anticipation of this.

Well-wishing and Starbucks gift cards will help here.

Questions for you

What’s stopping you from running a Kickstarter of your own? Seriously, make an itemized list and send it my way! :)

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