Productivity overview

Ultimately a productive weekend, even with my job turning into an unexpected source of stress.

If I’ve learned anything while doing this project, it’s the value in working on one thing at a time. I will always have more to do on projects than I could possibly accomplish, but focusing on one of those tasks at a time will see a lot more completed. Going between several tasks in a small space of time will just slow everything down. Even if I can only mitigate that slow-down effect, I can do that much.

At work

It turns out that my team (a new one) is perceived as “slow” at the office. Worse, I’m specifically included in that evaluation. How much of this boils down to “you’re slow” vs. “you’re slow at getting us what we really wanted all along” remains to be seen.

The threat of fallout from that surprise development no doubt slowed me down this week. I anticipate that the ongoing concern, coupled with the time I want to set aside to address it, will further cut into my personal productivity next week and into November.

I’m ten-percent tempted to pass on NaNoWriMo this month, a recent record in hesitation. We’ll see what comes of all that.

Personal productivity

Making excellent progress on my high-priority personal productivity aspirations. (I used the word “goals” last week, mistakenly.) I continue to measure effort more than results as, in the end, we control the former far more than the latter.

I have slipped a bit on my lower-priority goals. That almost always comes down to a lack of prep on my part.

  • On track for 5 of 7 meditation sessions this week. The sooner I start scheduling these for any time other than just before bed, the better.
  • Essentially no mastermind activity, though we scheduled none either.
  • Made my exercises goals. Trying out routines from 4-Hour Body. I also have my trainer’s regime to start on.
  • Still pleased with the slow-carb diet. I was down to 172.2 today, the day after cheat day! That said, this involved more (and expensive) trips to Chipotle, meal-skipping, and diet disregard than I would have liked. I remind myself that the stress of work contributed to this in no small part.
  • Made huge dents in my email back-log. Looking at less than 50 unprocessed messages across all my tabs right now.
  • Not only did I get in my Kickstarter quota, I put in a few extra hours on Saturday. Now I have the first tutorial video ready to promote the Kickstarter! Mailing list subscribers will get links to the video before anyone else, so I recommend signing up!


  • Completed the payment verification process. One big source of stress off of my shoulders.
  • Continued networking and arranging for mentions elsewhere.
  • Shot, edited, and uploaded the first tutorial video!
  • Received more art and requested more. Had my first real test at a “product manager” in one case. We’ll see if I managed damage control on my own slip-up. Remember: communicate more!

This looks like my last week for prep before the actual launch, with less time than that in order to get the project actually approved. (Past time to look into the time-frame on that, too.) Wish me luck!

Questions for you

Are you communicating enough with everyone in your life? If you have to think about it, then probably not! Shoot someone an email right away.

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