Productivity overview

A respectably productive birthday week. Still not finding time for personal productivity over work, which continues to cap my overall productivity.

At work

Still working very hard, even harder than before. Had unfortunate developments at work, too, which dampened my spirits and which will translate to more hours for a while, I anticipate. I may want to schedule some deliberate break time so that I can better weather this storm.


I turned 30 today! Actually kind of unnerved by the normalcy of the day, vs. dreams of active celebrations. I’m still very much in the habit of never getting around to scheduling these things, though, getting too wrapped up in my own work. Squeezed in a bar-hop with a roommate, at least!

Personal productivity

Still doing pretty good on my goals.

  • On track to meditate 6 out of 7 days this week. Missed one session on account of bar-hopping for my birthday. :)
  • Very little mastermind activity. Didn’t get around to looking for local masterminds. Doing a fair amount of asynchronous communication, at least. Definitely under-scheduled on my end.
  • Made my exercise goals! Weight-training like a boss.
  • Still elated with the slow-carb diet. I’m down to 175 lb. and find myself having to make a point of “cheating” on cheat day, having experienced the regular diet days.
  • Made big strides on catching up on email. It would still benefit from both more time and the paring-down of my inflow.
  • On track to squeeze in some more life-planning on Sunday.


  • Made my daily hour goal.
  • Did all of the setup that I could for payments. Waiting on verification.
  • Edited a related short story.
  • Received quite a bit of art from my artists. Looking forward to sharing that.
  • Researched small business licensing and paperwork. Determined that such things appear premature.
  • Clocked in a fair amount of Kickstarter-specific mail processing.
  • Drafted, edited, and test-recorded for writing tutorial videos.
  • More setup and automation for social media.
  • Got more promises for promotion from other Kickstarter projects!

All of that said, I very much need to hash out my “absolute requirements” list in order to make sure that I’m on track for an October launch. I already have a consultation session scheduled for tomorrow, with that as a topic of discussion.

Questions for you

Have you tried Trello, the list-management service? I find it absolutely invaluable.

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