Productivity overview

A fairly productive week. I haven’t had a lunch hour to myself for personal productivity, though, which put a squeeze on my schedule.

At work

Still very busy at work. We have another big project to jump on as soon as we wrap up what’s kept me busy this last several weeks, so I expect no change in time demands there.

On the other hand, I have eaten out a lot with my coworkers this week, at their invitation. I will want to take the occasional break from that for the sake of both productivity and my wallet.

Personal productivity

Hit most of my goals.

The daily hour of Kickstarter prep continues to prove useful. The sooner I get some scripted tutorial videos out there, the sooner they can help promote the Kickstarter.

Missed one session of meditation out of seven so far. I’ve been saving them for just before bed and I got home quite late that night due to commute surprises.

No masterminds this week on account of everyone’s schedules and workloads.

Catching up on email! Amazing what a couple focused hours on Saturday can do.

Still on track for my workout goals, having hit the gym twice this week already.


Had a gaming event this week, which took up a few hours. Been playing a large amount of a portable game, as well. That may occupy much of my interstitial time this week so that I can finish it up before the launch of a long-anticipated game this coming weekend. (And by “long-anticipated”, I mean “I’ve wanted a game like this even longer than I’ve wanted Half-Life: Episode 3.”)

Started listening to REAMDE this weekend, which I can already tell will occupy my ear quite often.


Steady progress here. Drafted and edited scripts for the promo video and tutorial videos. Even shot some test footage.

Already heard back from one successful Kickstarter runner who agreed to mention my Kickstarter to his backers! Amazing the things you can get by just asking!


Other than the gaming night, no particular socializing. Mostly just coffee shops or the apartment for me this weekend while I recharge.

Next week

What do I plan to do next week?

  • Kickstarter prep and promotion. Same as before. Slow and steady.
  • Life planning. Didn’t get any in this week. Will attempt again next week.
  • Otherwise, pretty much the same as last week.

Questions for you

What’s on your reading and listening lists these days? I’d love to hear!

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