Productivity overview

A somewhat productive week. On track or hit the large majority of my aspirations, though only while skipping out on break time in the process. Missed or didn’t have most of my mastermind meetings, too. The big takeaway: look into more local groups.

At work

An exhausting week. We’re coming up on deadlines but also had a lot of meetings this week. My project manager asked me on Friday, “Hasn’t this felt like a really hard week?” I agreed. We acknowledged some kinks in our team’s work process, at least. I certainly had my share. Looking forward to running some more discussions next week, though.

Personal productivity

Hit most of my goals.

Well on track for the daily Kickstarter prep. That relentless progress pays off.

Only missed meditating on one day. Still a somewhat haphazard process. I might get eye-guards and better earplugs to help compensate for my neighborhood.

I might only make one mastermind meeting this week. Folks weren’t available for some and I missed another due to a lack of a calendar reminder. My bad!

Still rather behind on email. Having taken virtually no time on lunch breaks or during work to address that, I’m not surprised. Planning to give it extra focus next week.

On track for my workout goals, though cutting it close.


Getting behind on break time, too. Looking at how few random ideas I’ve jotted down in the last few weeks, I could certainly use a bit of a break in order to foster creativity.

Squeezing in some sporadic breaks, even if I’ve fallen back into the habit of too many outstanding media participation targets (unfinished games, books, etc.).

Skipped out on one gaming event this week and didn’t try hard to attend another. I will want to another stab at such downtime next week.


Making progress! Sent out update emails to my long-neglected mailing lists. Scrounged up things I can use as rewards and incentives. Planning to shoot some draft videos soon, both for the Kickstarter page and for educational material.


Had a nice day out with the same person from last weekend, so that’s a good sign.

Next week

What do I plan to do next week?

  • Kickstarter prep and promotion. My goal for next week was straight-up promotion. I still have prep to do, so I’ll end up mixing the two.
  • Break time. I will want to get this in before I crash.
  • Life planning. A dangling thread from the last couple of weeks. It will stretch my brain something fierce but I expect it to lend me some much-needed focus.

Questions for you

Have you sought out local folks interested in achieving goals like your own? If you had to pick three places, where would you go to find them?

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