Productivity overview

A pretty productive week. On track to hit or nearly hit almost all my aspirations.

Sleeping in remains an issue. I get the impression, however, that I would see more success by staying up late instead of getting up early. On the other hand, I’ve been without my special “sunrise” alarm clock since I moved. Getting that device back may improve things significantly.

At work

Work remains busy. Not quite as crazy-packed as yesterday but we got a lot done.

Glad I took Monday off, as the rest might have helped me dodge the sickness running around the office.

I had an unexpected demo for the higher-ups (what an annoying label for people, incidentally) at the end of the week. I felt like I did quite well on that, keeping my calm and putting on a good walk-through. Made my project manager quite happy.

Expecting another busy week. I still want to make a point of putting in more mail processing time during the day, as opposed to just working quite so much.


On track for my workout frequency goal! Even better, I signed up for a gym again! Had a first trainer session and, if work can cover enough of that, I’ll get more. Looking forward to more intense treadmill and weight training going forward.

Personal productivity

Still behind on mail processing. The more I could do to reduce incoming mail, the better.

I’ve almost emptied out my unread news queue! I haven’t had it this low in weeks or months!

Started on a meditation habit. Managed to squeeze it in every day except yesterday, so off to a good start.

Didn’t get around to scheduling a follow-up on the side project, at least not until today. Planning to have that conversation next week.


On track for the Kickstarter goals! Barely made the deadline last night, too. (Actually, I went past midnight by five minutes, but only in the service of discussing the novel itself with others.)

Spent most of the week working on short stories so that I would have some fiction up online before starting the Kickstarter. Realized a few hours in that my second story, taken from a list of random ideas from a friend, makes for a bad match with the Kickstarter. Putting that one on the back-burner and likely skipping the third story for now and for the same reasons. I hardly lack for ideas, though, and just now remembered another, complete story I can use for this purpose.

As of last night, I made a temporary switch to researching email list-building techniques. I will pursue that today, wrapping up a specific set of material, then I can start preparing the aforementioned complete story for publication on Amazon.


Made it to a books-related party this week. Proud of how much cold-approaching I did. Kicking myself for not following up right away on a couple business cards that I received but better late than never.

Taking a date to a book festival tomorrow!


On track for my mastermind meetings this week, even if I ended up pushing one back.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Good velocity. Cutting it close in a few places, sometimes too close, but I’m getting into the groove and taking steps to free up time and willpower for more important work.

Questions for you

What’s the longest time you can spend meditating (and without napping)? Have you ever measured it? Tell me what happened after you tried for a new record.

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