Productivity overview

Got this one out a day late on account of having a day-filling event yesterday. Still working on the sleeping-in habit that would have made that a non-issue.

Overall, a fairly productive week. I can feel myself moving towards a “good enough” groove that concerns me, though, so I very much want to seek out a day-by-day accountability partner. Anyone else out there planning a Kickstarter?

At work

Still busy at work. Expecting the same through the rest of the month. I will want to check in with the project manager about our time-tables so that I can schedule a couple days off or so after we finish.

I did make a serious personal breakthrough, though, in managing to ask for a day off and with no better reason than wanting a bit of a break. A nice change from my overwork habits. I certainly need these periodic reprieves in order to gain some perspective. (I’m also still sore about how much sick leave I ended up “tossing away” upon leaving my last job.)

Personal productivity

Met my workout goal! Cutting it close with Sunday workout sessions. We have a gym coming to my workplace this week, though, and I’ve already told one person that I will sign up that day. Doing so at my old job helped kickstart my earlier evolutionary step towards fitness.

Well on track for my daily hour of Kickstarter prep. Drafted a bit of short fiction as part of that, with plans to put out finished work sooner rather than later. That will give me self-confidence, experience, street cred, and talking points! Still slightly amazed at how much I wrote on the first day of that.

Touched base in regards to the side project. Sounded like I set the ball in motion for handing the reins off on that one, which would be a weight off of my shoulders.


Had another nice date this week. That ultimately didn’t pan out. I remind myself that I have potentially thousands of options here in New York, though, and I’m taking someone out for coffee in just a couple hours. It’s a numbers game, so keep playing!


Rather less happened here than expected. Planning and notification shortcomings on part, at least. I’ve already mentioned finding more local ones and this reinforces that.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Largely on track. It feels like I could do more but I’ve also been playing a lot of catch-up lately. Better a maintainable pace than burnout, but I will want to ramp it up soon.
  • Meditation. I’ve attempted to block out some “deliberate break time” for two weeks straight with minimal success. I will switch to a meditation habit instead, with its smaller individual time commitments and well-documented benefits.

Questions for you

Have you challenged yourself on one of your productivity metrics lately? Tried writing more in an hour than you thought possible, running a longer distance, or finishing a report with hours to spare? Are you tracking these activities closely enough to notice if you made such a positive change?

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