Productivity overview

Another fairly solid week. Primary goal met. Doing okay on my secondary goals, and still socializing quite a bit.

At work

I had expected a much more relaxed atmosphere at work this week but we ended up having perhaps an even busier one. My coworkers concurred. Lots of meetings. That kind of brain-drain no doubt impacted my overall productivity outside the office, so I don’t want to be too hard on myself for that outcome.

Still holding out for a slower time next week. I may well take some time off soon before I get overworked.

Personal productivity

A week into the “one hour of Kickstarter research and prep” experiment and going strong!

Using the guide I found online as my primary source of actionable items, at least for promotion efforts. Keeping track of my progress on that through Trello.

Requested and paid for my first TaskRabbit task this week. Picked an industrious and effective TaskRabbit, so that worked out well!

I’ve started taking the next research task upon myself - looking for social connections - but I quickly discovered why people willingly pay for virtual assistant help with that. It’s exhausting! I might wrap that up soon and focus on helping the blog and podcast connections that I forged before now.


Had a pleasant (if somewhat exhausting) date on Sunday. We’re meeting up again tomorrow!

Rendezvoused with a chance coffee shop encounter today, getting coffee again. I think that went fairly well.

Already have another meet-up scheduled next weekend and who knows what else during the week. Phew!


Still barely on track. Going to exercise tomorrow, though I’d rather get it in during the week and give myself the weekend in which to rest. Started reading 4-Hour Body, finally, so we’ll see if that helps.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Mastermind meetings. Had a good number of them. Didn’t get in the productivity session I had expected today, Saturday, likely due to a lack of forward-thinking contact on my part.
  • Side work. No change here. I might just re-arrange my schedule next week so that I can get more closure on this.

Questions for you

Have you estimated how much time you spend on social activities? Do you keep track of how much time you actually spend? What does the disparity mean for your current habits?

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