Productivity overview

Another pretty solid week. Met my primary goal, I can still make most of my secondary goals, and I survived a super-social week.

At work

Had another very busy week at work. Experienced several hours of overtime, but at least we wrapped up a big feature-push. We all look forward to a much slower time at the office next week. That overtime did throw my personal productivity for a loop, though.

Personal productivity

I succeeded at the “one month of edits” experiment! That resulted in thirty one hours of edits, one a day, for the entire month. That translates to about a dozen pages of novel edits and one edited short story. Looking forward to repeating this again, perhaps with even more editing time each day.

I haven’t discussed the side project with its owner yet due to scheduling complications. Taking another shot at that next week.

Starting tomorrow, I will spend an hour each day researching or preparing for the Kickstarter project. Out of all the work done towards publishing Planet Oz, I expect that to pose the biggest personal growth challenge to date, even more than the month spent on the original draft.


Turned out that we had a large team-sized gathering at work this week. Over a dozen of us went out to eat Friday afternoon. I wasn’t prepared for that but I think I handled myself quite well! Three cheers for prior practice.

Even after the gathering sapped my introvert energy, I still managed to push myself and join a few coworkers for after-work drinks. Yay for stretching myself! If I can steer folks towards a quieter bar next time, even better.

My one anticipated social event went down that night. Drinks at another bar. That date went quite well, even if I didn’t get home until quite late. I will want to leave more room in my schedule for days on which I may sleep in as much as I did today, going forward.

Despite the social exhaustion of yesterday, I still managed to have a very engaging exchange with an intriguing person at a local coffee shop today. Very pleased with my performance and we may well meet up again later.

Looking at two more social events tomorrow. I have an explicit lack of social events on the agenda for Monday, a holiday.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Exercise. Barely on track for this. I’ll have to squeeze in one session before bed tonight and another tomorrow. Time to get a personal trainer in order to foster more accountability.
  • Mastermind meetings. I had one but didn’t make the other one today. My fault for over-scheduling myself and leaving too little margin for error.

Questions for you

How much media-free time do you leave for yourself each day? Have you ever spent just half an hour with all of your electronics turned off, your books put away, and nothing but nature or a simple room to occupy your attention?

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