Productivity overview

Keeping my solid weeks solid, even if it means taking a social break sometimes.

At work

We’ve transitioned out of the on-boarding and I’m putting in production work now. That means a much more mixed schedule: meetings, pair programming, getting help from coworkers, and squeezing in tech research everywhere else.

The change interferes with my daily editing schedule. I will want to make a point of grabbing half-hour chunks when I can instead of trying to get a solid hour every time. On the other hand, this new arrangement seems to have given me more time to refresh my tech skills while “on the clock”.

Personal productivity

No progress on the side project. The proposed time commitment for that does not mesh with my long-term goals, so I have decided to “cash out” on that and hand back responsibility. That will free up no small mental weight.

Edits to Planet Oz advance with ease. I’ve completed rewrites for the samples needed for an editor, so I will spend a smidgen more time polishing those up before sending them in. After that, I will start editing or rewriting the short stories that I originally penned as character research.

No further Kickstarter prep but I will resume that next week.


Overextended myself this previous weekend, especially on the dating front. Ended up dialing down my social engagement significantly this week to recover, glad that I happened to have an empty apartment this week. (Nothing specific about my roommates; I just needed alone time.)

I already have enough on the calendar this coming week that I probably won’t add more than one additional thing.

Getting it done

So what else did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Exercise. Cutting it close again. I haven’t left myself enough margin for error in weeks past.

Questions for you

Have you taken a test to see if you’re an extrovert or an introvert? They’re not the same as being shy or sociable, so the results may surprise you!

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