Productivity overview

Another solid week. Getting into more of a routine that, once established, will leave me more mental and temporal room for side-work again.

At work

Work remains educational. Continuing to spend most of my working day either programming or learning about the business.

Didn’t socialize as much with my coworkers this week as I would have liked. Not surprising, as I made no specific plans. That calls for a more proactive approach next week!

Personal productivity

Still well on track regarding my daily editing goal for Planet Oz. Finding it simpler to accomplish than I expected. Some of that comes from writing so much from scratch again (my forte) instead of just refining existing text (my challenge area). Much of the consistency came from good habit-establishment practice over the last few years, too.

I knocked out the ten pages (about 5,000 words) of rewrites to the opening chapters that I needed for a specific purpose. As of today, I start editing towards another ten pages, but from ones in the middle of the book. Looking forward to getting back to the fight with the wolves!

No work on the technical side project, though I needed a break from that.

No movement on the Kickstarter front yet. Waiting on artists. I can draft more copy for the project page after doing more edits to the novel.


Got in a couple nights of scheduled gaming. Didn’t win anything but it was nice to get out of the routine for a bit.

The dating continues! Had a nice visit to a local museum with one woman last week. Had coffee and a downtown trip with another woman today. Meeting someone else tomorrow. Already looking forward to follow-up encounters.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Exercise. Cutting it close this week. I continue to underestimate the interstitial time required of living and working in New York.
  • Editing. Thinking of increasing the daily commitment so that I’ll have demo-able content sooner rather than later.
  • Side project. Planning to pick this up again next week, as the commissioning party has deadlines to meet.

Questions for you

Have you tried a different working space lately? Shaking it up and sitting somewhere else can spur creativity.

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