Productivity overview

Pretty solid overall in regards to productivity. I’d love to have put in more hours but consistency matters more, as does the avoidance of burnout.

At work

Still stretching my brain every day at work. Feeling pretty good about my training project progress so far. Staying the course there.

Also getting in some interesting socializing with my coworkers. Aiming to expand on that next week. Great partnerships start that way.

Personal productivity

Knocking that daily editing goal out of the water! The chain remains unbroken.

Actual progress through the current draft goes slower than I had hoped. The prologue chapters gave me a lot of cruft to cut and scenes to rewrite. Just a few thousands words into the changes so far, though. I foresee a higher daily time goal.

Prepared the side project prototype site in time! You can see the prototype at


Getting in some dating! Living in New York means meeting new people. Taking a proactive approach will filter in the most interesting folks, though. Wish me luck!

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Exercise. Getting in more weight training than as of late. On track to meet this goal.
  • Breaks. Partaking of Adventure Time in an effort to give my brain a break and avoid creative burnout. Feeling better since the exhaustion of last week.
  • Kickstarter. Nothing to report here yet. I know I want to avoid getting overzealous with this, however, so no rush.

Questions for you

What new habit, if acted on for just 30-60 minutes a day, would make a big change in your life? Is there anything from which you can take a break that would give you the time for that, just for a month?

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