Productivity overview

The quick hits:

  • Work remains very engrossing.
  • Considering a diet change.
  • Still struggling with mail.
  • Socializing!
  • Editing!

At work

Staying plenty busy at work. Lots of education-focused meetings and programming. Still learning to carve out more time for myself.

Personal productivity

I’ve fallen back into the habit of including grains in my diet. This makes me want to experiment with cutting them out again and see how this impacts my energy levels. The same goes for my recent uptick in caffeine consumption.

Catching up on email, if slowly. Using more of my “downtime”, such as subway rides, to get to that task first. Took a couple hour-long walks with my phone to help with this, as opposed to the usual weight training sessions.


Still running into coordination issues with these. I may want to switch to a more passive model when it comes to the online ones and see if I can find some more focused groups locally.


I continue to underestimate the time required for getting around town, especially for social events, but I’ve found too many potential collaborators and helpful folk to let up. Yay, “networking”!

I also have one follow-up date tonight and another tomorrow. No complaints here!

Novel edits

On track for novel edits!

I started off with some research and found a couple promising frameworks for the processing; just what I need at this stage of my editing (non-)expertise, per the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition.

Going forward, I will document all of the scenes in the current draft and see what, foremost, needs cutting. That will take long enough that I know better than to plan beyond it.

I already have a small handful of potential beta readers, too. They will receive my standard feedback guide, which will help reduce internal friction and procrastination. It amazes me how much one’s sympathy increases upon learning how human minds work.

I keep hearing that editing can take twice as long as writing, which could mean over 240 hours! Effort over progress matters here, I remind myself, and daily hours will add up.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Checked up on side-project work. No progress on this front, though I’m on the one in the holding pattern. Glad for the lack of demand for my time at the moment.
  • Good for novel edits so far.
  • Social calendar’s a bit full. I’d forgotten how much I’d trimmed from mine back home, especially during the week.
  • Oh snap, Kickstarter. I’ve already created the project online, so no going back now!

Questions for you

Have you considered creating your own Kickstarter? What holds you back? What’s the first thing you could do to address the first such thing? Do it!

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