Productivity overview

Phew! Still finding my time and focus disappearing much faster than expected by the end of each day.

I have lost a lot of my unconscious triggers in the process of moving (like locations and events), not to mention gained a lot of new distractions, so I will want to re-establish productivity sooner rather than later.

Overall, another week packed with a busy work schedule, lots of socializing, and lots of keeping myself busy. Now to give myself some actual downtime tomorrow!

At work

Same as the last couple of weeks: lots of programming, training, and meetings. I had one day with seven (seven!) hours of meeting and another that drew quite close. Found myself going for quite a bit of caffeine just to keep up. This training period can only last so long, at least.

By the time I do find schedule openings for mail processing or the like, I usually lack the focus or energy to do so. More exercise and naps could help with this.

Personal productivity

Still tanking on this, at least in terms of email and the like.

Gaming more than intended, though it still does not seem like much.

Getting in a lot of book reading, which the subway commute allows more readily than email-checking. I may focus more on the latter next week, though, and use a tablet and its larger reading surface. That said, the personal nature of email does leave me hesitant to check it in public.

Had essentially no mastermind meetings this week due to scheduling issues. Finding or founding a local one, preferably near work, may prove a necessary step. I’ve missed the accountability!

Keeping up

All of the concerns above aside, I have put in a lot of time into prepping my apartment and for life in general. Shopping takes rather more time and scheduling than expected, for example, so I will get that time “back” once I learn how to do so efficiently.


I attended two lengthy social events this week. One, a local gaming event with some networking potential. The other, a nice date over drinks. I have a follow-up on next week, so I know that went well!

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Mastermind meetings still suffering. The scheduling of this continues to prove problematic. Having a local group could help with this.
  • Exercise on shaky grounds. If I don’t knock some out before bed, I’ll miss my weekly goal again! Gah.
  • Editing aspirations start next week! Egads. Plenty of research and prep to do for that.

Questions for you

When did you last double-check your social calendar? Anything on there that you only attend out of habit?

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