Productivity overview

Wow, but traveling about New York takes a lot more time than expected! Also, so does socializing! I see - even better now - how people watch their lives flash by without knowing where they went.

The heat up here makes it harder to work than expected, too. Looking forward to actually having A/C in my apartment soon.

At work

Keeping plenty busy! Going through a lot of meetings and training videos, but all in the interest of learning. I have improved as a developer in this short time, without doubt. The time still flies, though, and I could stand to take more breaks.

Socializing more with my coworkers, too. I even got invited to a bar outing on Friday. Noisy and not really my scene, but it remains good to be seen. If I can steer this towards more introvert-friendly socializing, even better.

Personal productivity

Seriously dropping the ball on this one. I underestimated how much of my attention work would take, and how much it would tire me out, so the amount of time I’ve spent playing Animal Crossing comes at no surprise. Some deliberate breaks for mail processing could help here.

Getting in a lot of reading, at least!


I got out to a gaming social event early this week. I enjoyed it and could look forward to more, schedule willing. A deliberate study of my productive-while-commuting options could help. I may way to re-investigate getting my Android tablet fixed.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Missed my mastermind meetings. Either I was unavailable or others couldn’t make it, but they didn’t happen this week. I expect to make today’s meeting, if nothing else.
  • I could miss my exercise again. I did it last week and I’ve cut it close this week. Planning to get some equipment and clothes today that would reduce resistance to at-home workouts.
  • Editing aspirations loom. I have an external deadline for having Planet Oz in a presentable state before too long, so I will want to start editing that in just over a week. That will arrive before I realize it!

Questions for you

How busy do you keep yourself? When did you last take a day off to do nothing but walk in the nearest park?

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