Productivity overview

Oh snap! Where did I go? I didn’t appreciate how much the move to New York would throw off my routine until after I arrived!

The highlights:

  • Enjoyed the gaming convention!
  • Survived (and thrived at?) my first week at my new job!
  • Settling into my new residence!

The convention

I had a lot of fun! Made new gaming friends, played a lot of indie roleplaying games, and finally got around to reading the first three volumes of the Adventure Time! comics. To think of what I’ve missed by not yet watching the show! Looking forward to more gaming down the road.

At work

Finished with the majority of my paperwork at the new job. Looking forward to that first paycheck soon!

After the setup, my new employer put me on their “object calisthenics” course, wherein I develop software against a number of challenging constraints. I can feel myself growing as a developer as I do so! I enjoyed the meetings we attended this week, too, so off to a good start!


No dating yet, nor essentially any pursuit of such. I have enough on my plate right now. In fact, I only got my new bedroom into a presentable state last night. It looks much cozier, though!

Seeing a movie with a coworker or two today. Off to a great start on socializing more at my new job!

Made it to a local techie meet-up. Went pretty well.


Still adjusting to the differences between driving everywhere and having to plan for public transit. My personal productivity has felt the brunt of that but I’ll catch up eventually.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • New job! Making good speed on this and feeling like I fit in so far.
  • New residence! I have some more prep to go but it feels much more like “my” space now, making me all the more comfortable in it.
  • Gaming. I have more regularly gaming prospects than I can fit onto my calendar. Problem to have!

Questions for you

When did you last do a weekly review? A monthly review? Write up a 500-word one right now if you haven’t!

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