Productivity overview

Moved to New York! Giving a short post today on account of both a highly-compressible week and a very tired author.

Move prep

I spent the vast majority of my free time this week preparing for my move up to New York. That wore me out on both the labor level and the social engagement level. I have a new apartment sublease as of today, though!

Finding the sublease took a good amount of effort. However, networking and just asking around made it all work out and with unexpected speed! Now to actually start moving into the room itself tomorrow.

I did drop the ball on getting my finances and financial institutions all up to date before the move, which caused no small headache.

I might have managed my energy and focus levels more, perhaps with some deliberate meditation. Nothing but nervous procrastination accounts for the belated nature of this post (written up on Monday instead of the usual Saturday).

Gaming convention

Off to a gaming convention in New Jersey later this week! That will constitute my actual between-jobs vacation time. Phew!

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Moved to New York! Still wrapping things up but I expect to have an habitable new apartment bedroom before the convention.
  • Still fleshing out that “move between states” checklist. Did I miss some online resource for that? I would have paid for one. In fact, I would still do so, since I know I’ve missed things.
  • Sleep improving. Despite the late bedtimes and added stress of travel and life in a new city, I managed to sleep in rather less this week. Having an externally-enforced deadline made a huge difference.
  • Gaming convention! Time to roll some dice!

Questions for you

Could you move to a new city or a new state on very short notice? You never know when an amazing opportunity could arise, and the minimalism required of such prep provides daily value of its own.

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