Productivity overview

My last week at my old job! Single again. Time to ramp up preparations!

At work

Aside from a busy Friday, I had a rather sane work schedule this week. I had almost forgotten what such a “normal” day felt like! Having our long-absent coworker back helped.

I still ended up dithering a lot of that time away with small distractions (sporadic dives into the news-feeds, peeks at my mail, etc.). However, much of that seemed to stem from a combination of anxiety over the major changes in life and the “busyness” habits reinforced by having such overloaded queues for the last couple of months. I anticipate this changing at the new job, which appears more results-orientated than effort-orientated.

Had my last day of work on Friday! Plenty of sincere goodbyes, otherwise a fairly quiet endeavor. Wishing I had made more plans with coworkers in retrospect.

Move prep

Minimal move progress again. I underestimated the impact that this week’s events would have on my productivity, so I found myself taking reading and gaming breaks more frequently and for longer than intended. That may have warded off burnout, I want to believe.

On the other hand, I’ve touched based with several people ready to help with my residence hunt! Said hunt remains the focus for next week. I can set things in motion on that front and then begin packing and the like while I wait on responses.

Side work

Discussed dropping the web work for the local small business in favor of commercial options. That will likely prove easier for all of us, as I don’t expect to have the focus and energy to do right by them any time soon.

Regarding the local startup, just discussions on that front. Waiting on others before I do more technical work on that.


Had my comic script accepted and claimed by an artist! Can’t wait to see what they do with that.

Stress and its impact

Oversleep continues to frustrate me, so an accountability partner appears necessary for that. I slept in for a whole three hours this Saturday morning! Some of that may come from all the anxiety about moving, too, so starting a meditation habit may further mitigate that.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Minimal move prep. Underestimated how much focus and energy I would have left for this at the end of each day, but networking continues to pay off.
  • Side work adjustments. Continuing to offload what work that I can in preparation for the move. Finished with my current part of the comic script work.
  • Relationship change. Made the break-up official on Sunday. Still friends.
  • Sleep challenges persist. Experiments continue. Accountability partner appears necessary.

Questions for you

When did you last try meditating for five minutes straight? For ten or fifteen?

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