Productivity overview

A week of alternating between preparation for the move, local work, and apparent exhaustion from all the change-up.

At work

Overtime at work every day this week, ranging from 0.75-2.0 hours. Given how much effort I’ve put in each day to try and minimize that overtime (once a Clueless venture, now a “leave on a high note” one), my subsequent exhaustion and lack of focus in the evening comes at no surprise. At least we have one of my co-workers returning from their month-long vacation on Monday, so I can expect a saner workload next week.

I put in my two week notice on Monday, so next Friday marks my last day. I haven’t quite grasped the reality of that.

Move prep

Between the overwork and local time demands, I’ve made minimal progress on preparing for the move out of state. I have put out several queries regarding rental recommendations, which counts. Planning to devote most of next week to this prep.

Side work

Put in a bit of web work for the local company, preparing a more specific prototype for them. That didn’t take long.

I also handed back a couple tasks that they hoped I could handle. Between time demands and other concerns, that needed to happen, but it also proved much easier to delegate than I had feared! Personal progress on that point.


Drafted the script for the comic anthology! I even got feedback from a friend, put in a couple hours of edits, and sent in the second draft! The submission deadline is today, so I hope to get some actionable feedback from the anthologist soon.

Stress and its impact

I’ve likely overestimated how much my subconscious anxieties about this upcoming major life change have affected me. My sleep seems to have suffered for it, as have my eating habits, so I will want to watch those even closer going forward. Just a bit of deliberate rest can help me resist eating out, for example, and thereby pay for itself several times over.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Minimal move prep. Many demands on my time this week, including one I could have let pass (the comic). I’ve made it my top priority for next week, though.
  • Side work. Good to go on the comic script work effort and progress for the the local company. I have no guarantee of pay for either (or at least no signed paperwork), so job and move prep will take precedent next week.
  • Relationship change. On track for the winding-down of the relationship. I’ll have too much on my plate the next few weeks to give them the time they need anyway.
  • Sleep challenges persist. Experiments continue.

Questions for you

Have you prioritized your projects and responsibilities lately? What criteria do you use?

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