Productivity overview

Got the new job offer! Oh snap! That development pretty much sums up the week.

At work

Another crazy-busy week at work. Good thing we have someone coming back from vacation in a couple weeks, because my current employers will need it!

Said busy workplace made for a very large impact on my personal productivity. My mail processing suffers for it, so I may look into one of those online games designed to help with inboxes.

Interviews/Job hunt

It took plenty of back and forth and waiting on calls, but I received the new job offer via email on Friday! Planning to sign that this weekend, then send in my resignation letter. My manager already knows it’s coming. I’ll miss the guy.

Still processing the news myself, though. I took one baby step towards preparing for the move today, with plenty more to follow.

Side work

No progress on the local web work, other than limited discussion. The job pursuit took priority.

I received an invite to write for a comic anthology, right out of the blue! My networking at the recent local comic convention paid off! They have a looming deadline on that, so I made this project a high priority for next week.

With everything on my plate, this may call for some time off next week.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Got the new job offer! Ramit Sethi’s course in negotiations will pay for itself when I get the starting bonus that didn’t come with the original offer.
  • No side project work. Too much time required of the job pursuit and at my workplace. I can temper most any guilt over the gaming and reading breaks I did take with the facts of my mental and emotional exhaustion over the course of the week. Neglecting some breaks would have lead to burnout otherwise.
  • Relationship change. Partly because of the new job and move, I’m transitioning out of the relationship with the person I’ve been dating.
  • Made all my workout goals! Even got up early for one on Friday.
  • Making progress on getting up on time. Running an experiment now.
  • New job offer! Repeated for emphasis.

Questions for you

No questions from me this week! Do you have any for me?

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