Productivity overview

Phew! Just about recovered from my flight to and from New York City. Preparations for that and events there pretty much filled up my week. Now to prepare for everything that came of that!

In short, I received a very compelling offer from the company I visited! A move up to New York or nearby looks likely. My away-from-home adventure has begun!

At work

Between the trip and the holiday on Monday, I only came into the office on Friday. My arrival brought sincere cheers of appreciation for my return (I contribute that much to knocking out our work queue!) and the large amount of work left to do came as no surprise. At the end of that day, I told my manager about the expected career move and I found him very understanding. One more weight off of my shoulders!

The other company would like me to start as early at July, so I anticipate a lot of brain-dumping, training, and knowledge de-tribalizing in the next few weeks.

Interviews/Job hunt

One word: success!

I visited the offices of the new company on all three days of my visit. It started with a tour and introductions and a dinner meeting. For the next day, I had a “trial” experience where I pair-programmed with one of the newer hires, then had a social hangout with other prospective coworkers. On the last day, I had an interview with the CEO himself, received the initial offer, started negotiations on that, and took it home! They hope to have a decision from me on Monday.

Land the Tech Job You Love helped quite a bit here, as did the job-hunt and negotiation resources from Ramit Sethi. Research and reading for the win.


I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy reading fiction! With my nose buried so much in writing fiction, reading non-fiction, prepping for the trip, and other work, I’ve made almost zero time for reading prose fiction (as opposed to web comics or video games) in weeks or months. With all of my travel downtime, though, I read all of Unicorn Western, Volume 1 and The Shambling Guide to New York City, which I picked up in an actual New York City bookstore! Looking forward to reading even more in the coming months.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Cutting it close on the workouts. I didn’t do any exercise on Wednesday, despite having a workout room at my hotel. I barely squeezed in my Friday session before bed. Looking at a Saturday treadmill jog before I miss my window.
  • Job hunt success! I could find myself signing papers in just a couple days.
  • Negotiation success! Practice helps, as does prior proof that I could look elsewhere if required!
  • Mixed mastermind success. The trip threw that off. I had not accounted for how much I could have my schedule altered by “while you still have me” social time.
  • Nominal web work. Highly de-prioritized, given the trip, but I still had productive discussions with my start-up contact after I returned.
  • Still sleeping in. I see a clear need for an accountability partner at this point.

Questions for you

This marks a great week to just sit back and enjoy a quick novel! What have you read lately?

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