Productivity overview

The bullet points:

  • Too much to do at work this week. Hours of overtime and an exhausting load.
  • Practically no website work, but see the first bullet.
  • Partook of some social and gaming break time, but see the first bullet.
  • Traveling to New York City soon!

At work

We had a crazy-busy week at work. Even with a temporary employee helping while we still have someone out, the sheer volume proved overwhelming. I ended up staying over three hours late one day! My hopes of personal productivity (e.g. checking email) vanished under the weight of even the normal-hours workload. It also wore me out enough to really sap my after-hours work. I could only imagine the burnout I might have had in the absence of my breaks, though.

Interviews/Job hunt

Flying out of the state next week! Whoo. I settled my travel plans (buying tickets, etc.) and started shopping for my travel supplies. The trip takes me to New York City and a visit to a fashion capital warrants an update to my well-worn wardrobe. That will help me make all the better impression on my prospective coworkers, too.

I could stand to perform further research on how best to plan for the trip. My watch-words remain “just enough”, given my tendency to over-prepare for travel.

Even before the trip, I had four more one-on-one interviews over the phone. Phew! I got to borrow some quiet space in another office for that, but only because I reached out and asked, and that helped. Feeling very good about how those went!

Web work

I knocked out one early prototype and my contact liked it. Zero development progress beyond that, though, on account of the overload at work. We did have some informative discussions, though. I also need more technical details from my contact and they have run into external delays with that. Lots of delays, overall.

I have more web work slated for right after I post this update, at least. Given a looming deadline, I may end up taking some time off for this before long.

Sleeping in

I’ve slept in a lot this week, both in frequency and amount, at least compared to my 5:30am aspirations and earlier successes. My recent workload may account for the lion’s share of that. Some diet choices may factor into this, as might psychological resistance on my part. This may warrant the seeking out of an accountability partner.

Getting it done

So what did I do, not do, and what will I do?

  • Workout accomplished. I knocked out two early-morning sessions, slept in on Friday, but knocked it out on Saturday instead. Numbers hold steady, so the time comes to up some of them.
  • Nominal web work. I have some web work slated for next week, but only after the trip.
  • Travel prep. I have more prep to do, not to mention research on how best to prep. I haven’t flown in years and never for a trip quite like this.
  • Traveling! Tickets bought. Room rented. Night out with prospective coworkers planned!
  • Wonky mastermind schedule. First week without my usual Monday meeting. Attended a new, interview/negotiation one instead. Tried to have my Thursday one on both Wednesday and Friday, only to encounter others’ scheduling issues. On track for today’s productivity meeting.
  • No (non-weekly) blog post. Way too much else to do.
  • Trip to New York City! Repeated for emphasis.

Questions for you

Have you tried changing your surroundings lately? Our environments play a major role in a lot of our habits, good and bad, and shaking things up can also shake a lot of dust loose.

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