That story you've always wanted to write? It starts with the words you write now, right now, regardless of how many more days it takes. One more chapter, one more page, one more sentence, one more word: each one brings up closer but only the words themselves bring us closest to overcoming that resistance. Ready to commit to one day of writing?

Grab A Slice Of Life

You've read it, you've watched it, you've played it. What comes next?

Now, future Life Slicer, your turn comes to write it. Sign up below for help with cutting down to the best parts of the fiction-writing life!

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Novel writer, web developer, and constant self-improver, James Holder tackles the challenge of every day satisfaction amid his own journey to replace the nine-to-five with a perpetual, living legacy. You can read more about the path of growth that he wants to help you walk.

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